Banking cards

Banking/Credit cards are an instrument of non-cash payment for goods and services through POS terminals, and also allow cash withdrawals from ATMs. There are several types of card division, depending on the applied criteria of classification, as follows:
• Technological,
• Type of printing,
• Carrier of information,
• Financial,
• Communication,
• Identification and others.
Bank cards are: local - DinaCard, International - MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, Diners Club and others.

They have all the characteristics of the card issuer, coded the necessary personal data required for execution of payment transactions. Advantages of credit cards are:
- Easier to use
- Saving time when using
- Confidence when is in use
- The availability of funds from account 24 hours a day
- Consistent with all types of payment cards (debit and credit)

SIS Software and services is able to offer a complete service from design, production and personalization of all types of cards, in cooperation with Thames Card Technology UK we offer all types of banking and credit card verification for institutions of Visa - MasterCard.

Spare parts

NBS equipment

NBS offers reliable performance and excellent print quality. From one-sided black-and-white to bilateral, full-color, card encoding, NBS card printers are an excellent choice to make you satisfy your business needs. Select the printer that meets your requirements and call us for best prices.

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