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    SIS Software and Services provides services for the production, printing and personalization of all types of cards.


    Card personalization service on our equipment is applicable to your and our cards at all so far existing techniques.


    Increase your opportunities with Xpressi software package for distributed / remote issuing cards to the branches.


    Our team of experts will be carried detailed analysis and propose measures to comply with PCI DSS standards.

"SIS Software and Services" Ltd. contributes with quality products and services and the efficient organization and business with implementation of international standards and quality in it's business.

  • Technical support and maintenance

    Technical support and service

    SIS Software and services have expert team of professionals with years of experience in the placement of credit card products, furnishing and installation of equipment and software. We organize continuous technical support, service and maintenance of equipment and software.

We have a certified ISO 9001:2008 for the sale of plastic, paper, chip card machine, card personalization and other resellers. Service machines, card personalization service, sales accessories, software, biometric devices and readers. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified company for security and information protection. We are members of ICMA (International Card Manufacturers Association).

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