Card printing and Card personalization

SIS Software and services offers production of payment, branded bank, SIM and all types of ID cards as a "turnkey" helpful in defining products and applications to the initial decision to complete graphic design and prepress, to all known techniques, the application logo , called the company and personal data, with photography and others., on the blank cards, magnetic tape and tape for signature, with contactless cards, chip cards and combined with the cards, scratch cards made from PVC, PET, paper, polycarbonate materials etc. Implementing elements of security protection available in a variety of forms and derived originally protected elements and holographic foils for ID cards.


We provide complete support in card publishing and card management of all card types

  • In-house card issuing and card personalization

  • Out-sourcing of card issuing and personalization

  • Distributed processing and personalization, Instant Card Issuing

  • Packing and distribution of cards

Personalization service

We offer personalization service to all cards currently applicable techniques such as indent or emboss printing, all types of offset, generating security data and print bar code, magnetic coding and personalization of chip cards.

Personalization examples

Personalization flow

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