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Smart Card management system

  Smart Card management system

Smart Card Management System(SCMS)

Smart Card Management System (SCMS) is a set of software and hardware designed to manage business processes in the card business. As a software-hardware module has a multiple role in the processing of data on the cards. Of particular importance is the part of SCMS to immediately prepare the data for personalization. Preparation of data for personalization is a very delicate business that requires careful handling by the system of professional, skilled and reliable people. Immediate preparation of data for personalization is one of the final steps peronalization card that combines in himself all the former proceedings and procedures in order to get necessary and prescribed information.

A special segment makes hardware component HSM (Hardware Security Module), which is specially designed and realized device for generating random number sequences. Bearing in mind the fact that it is a hardware components, generated numbers are not pseudorandom sequences but truly random, which contributes significantly to overall security of system because it is not possible to determine the rulle of generating sequences of random numbers. Sequences of random numbers are used to generate cryptographic keys and to generate the PIN (Personal Identification Number).

In addition achieved a high level security system in accordance to the PCI DSS standards and with the EMV standards. Access to the system is strictly controlled and any activity carried out is recorded and the specific (log) file, which among others includes the user name that the action taken, a description of actions, time etc..
User interface (UI) is an interactive, user friendly and easy to use. Application can be accessed using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera ...), according to wishes and preferences of users. System is flexibile and easy to adjust for specific customer requirement.

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