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CryptoSW - Cryptographic software solution

Cryptographic software solution is based on the cryptographic algorithms which are an integral part of cryptographic keys, which in conjunction with the algorithm provides superior data protection. The information is intended for a specific user may decrypt and read only that user. Also, encrypted data can be safely stored on disk or in any other archive. Encryption software has a role to strengthen system security files. The solution is applicable over any type of files.

Encryption software is based on proven encryption algorithm, which was modified in order to prevent attacks on the encrypted files. Cryptographic keys are generated by using specially developed methods also in order to prevent compromising of encrypted media / communications.

Additional functionality is provided for crypto software version dedicated for encryption of files that are exchanged via insecure channels. The most important additional functionality is to create a hash value of the input file that is encrypted. To create a hash value software is using the SHA-1 algorithm. Encrypted file is transmitted via communication channels with the hash value. The recipient of encrypted file, decrypt file with the hash value calculated at the same time while file is decrypting. A hash values are compared with each other. If the values are identical file is correctly transferred. If any interventions performed on a file that is transmitted the hash values will not be identical so the software rejects the received file. It also may indicate an attempt to compromise the transfered file. In this way cryptosw software provides an encrypted file to be transferred on secure manner via unsecured network.

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